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The Leap to the Similimum


The Leap to the Similimum is an advanced process of confluencing the chief complaint peculiar words , with the source of the Similimum. It is based on the following facts
  • State is in the Automatic (Unconscious) Brain.
  • It originates and gets strengthened as a Pavlovian circuit, where unrelated stimuli are bound to a childhood emotion.
  • It's effect on the functioning of the organs, and behaviour patterns are through the PNEI System.
  • The patient is aware of his conscious expressions only. The practitioner’s conscious brain is subject to prejudice.
Hence, the Leap to the Similimum follows only the Unconscious, Automatic brain path from Chief Complaint, through Food, Fear, Dreams, Pavlovian childhood circuit to the Source of the Similimum. The Sessions will detail the principles, magnify the questioning. It will have Live case session experience, and live questioning of different aspects as well